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5 Reasons to Spice up Christmas

I love christmas, it’s that special time of the year; a time for family, a time for giving and good cheer. Why not good sex? Turns out that I’m not the only one who thinks this, the majority of babies born in the US and the UK are born in September, exactly 9 months after the holiday season. So why not make your Christmas a little bit more special for that special someone!?

1. Baby, It’s cold outside

As Dean Martin used to sing, it’s usually pretty cold outside during the festive months. It’s the perfect time for a sexy night in, light a few candles, prepare some festively spiced egg nog and warm up those cold winter nights.


2. Santa Baby!

if your significant other has been nice this year, perhaps it’s your chance to be a little bit naughty. Christmas is a time for giving, what better gift is there than the gift you can’t give anybody else. Wrap yourself up in a nice little bow, throw on some stockings and jingle some bells.


3. Now bring us some figgy pudding

The holiday season is full of parties, fattening food and alcohol, so much alcohol. There has to be a way to maintain that body you spent so long sculpting over the summer. Having sex burns a minimum of 144 calories every 30 minutes, and that’s not even counting kissing and foreplay! Get your exercise in these holidays by doing the most fun activity there is.


4. All I want for Christmas is you

Christmas is a time for family. Visits to your parent’s house, visit’s to your significant others parent’s house, cousins, brothers, sisters, weird uncles, that Aunt that insists on baking a terrible cake every single year for Christmas, hordes of spoilt children crying over the latest iPhone, iPad iWhatever. It can be a nightmare. Your strategy might be to drink yourself to unconsciousness, this year I suggest you release some of that extra unwanted stress with your partner. Offer a relaxing massage and enjoy a warm bath together to de-stress and unwind. And hey, a glass of wine never hurt anybody.


5. Last Christmas, I gave you my heart

For those of you without a special someone, don’t worry. Christmas is a great time to meet people, mingle and build relationships. Everyone is a little jollier during the festive season so it’s a great time to break the ice and begin talking to that guy or girl you’ve had your eye on for a while. Really, who wants to be alone on Christmas?

snow heart

Remember, if you don’t want one of those September babies StaySafe condoms has the right condom for you! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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