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StaySafe Condoms, a division and registered brand of AdvaCare Pharma, is an internationally recognized condom manufacturer. With a growing market share in existing markets and consistent growth in entering new markets, StaySafe partners with suitable distributors that are committed to a long term relationship and capable of gaining market share in their respective countries or regions.

StaySafe has a unique business model, a relationship which will not be found with any other condom manufacturers, which enables potential distributors of our condom products significant opportunities. Opposed to other suppliers that implement direct distribution networks and enforce significant ordering
requirements, we are more flexible to mutually developing markets with new distributors. This not only means that we are more willing to cooperate with smaller distributors, but also that we allow our distributors more flexibility in their distribution methods and growth while still providing significant marketing support. We believe that this approach facilitates a more successful long term relationship with our distributors around the world.

Product Registration Back to Top

The registration of condom products by the manufacturer and distributor is required in many countries prior to importation. Good thing that we, at StaySafe Condoms, are highly experienced in registering our products throughout the world. We will provide the necessary support to enable a new distributor to complete registration and begin the importation of our high quality, cost effective StaySafe products.

  • Step 1

    Manufacturing Agreement

    » All terms and conditions between StaySafe and our distributor are clearly defined.

    » Final approval attained by finalization of the Agreement.

  • Step 2

    Factory Inspection

    » Although rarely required for the registration of condom products with a country’s MOH (Ministry of Health) or related health authority, a facility inspection could be required.

    » We welcome MOH officials and inspectors to our facility and guarantee close collaboration in order to meet all requirements.

  • Step 3


    » All required documents are prepared in order to proceed with the registration process.

  • Step 4


    » StaySafe packaging is made from high quality materials and has been designed according to extensive market research that shows our brand chosen over other major brands.

    » We will slightly alter the packaging to meet the requirements of your country for importation.

  • Step 5


    » The testing of samples is required from a large number of countries.

    » StaySafe samples are produced according to the registration requirements of the importing country and pretested to ensure all standards are in compliance.

  • Step 6

    Registration Completion

    » All necessary documentation, samples, and any other required materials are submitted for registration approval to the importing country’s MOH or relevant health authority.

  • Step 7

    Marketing Support

    » After the completion of the registration process, our Marketing Department works closely with new distributors to provide all the support needed to promote our products in that specific market (i.e., promotional materials, strategic assistance, IT support, etc.).

Marketing Support Back to Top

We, at StaySafe, believe in providing significant marketing support to enable our distributors to gain market share in the least amount of time possible. Proper marketing of any product requires existing demand for the products to be sold, but also a clear marketing plan and creative efforts to maximize the target market’s awareness of the brand. We are marketing specialists, so allow us to work closely with you to develop your market.

We provide 3 major forms of support:


We provide our distributors with a wide variety of marketing and promotional materials–

  • Pamphlets:

Custom printed pamphlets explain about StaySafe and why our products are one of the fastest growing in the industry. These pamphlets are useful for both your customers and their consumers.

  • Posters:

Custom printed wall sticking and stand-up posters help to visually promote brand awareness and are most useful for your customers to display in public view of their consumers.

  • Shirts and Other Wearable Products:

StaySafe shirts promote brand awareness and are very effective when making a new market entry.
We also can provide other forms of wearable StaySafe branded products depending on the distributor’s market.

  • Bags, Pens, Keychains, Bottle Openers:

Various promotional products can be helpful when given to consumers freely, especially promotional products that perpetuate the spread of the brand.

  • Promotional Condoms:

Individually packaged condoms can be given freely to consumers to promote the brand and also build a
relationship with the distributor’s target market.


The StaySafe Marketing Department works closely with our distributors to provide strategic support and set reasonable sales targets to ensure maximum market penetration in the shortest time possible. Of course the distributors will know their market best, but our vast experience in market entry and brand promotion can facilitate the end goal of selling our products quickly, allowing for a short turnover time. After passing the first milestone of creating consistent and stable demand for our products, our Marketing Dept. will raise the bar by implementing a clear plan with the distributor for gaining market share. StaySafe aims to gain 20% market share for any new market entered, but of course the time to achieve such significant market share depends on the circumstances of that specific market. Regardless, we work closely and nurture our distributors in a mutually beneficial partnership.


StaySafe product packaging is designed based on extensive market research. Blind trials by various demographical groups including gender, age, social preferences, socio-economic status, and various other measures, have shown the StaySafe brand chosen over other brands.

The packaging of our products achieves important objectives:

    • Reflects a “safe” product and major brand which is reliable
    • Attracts the target market with stylish, yet sophisticated outer packaging
    • Distinguishes our brand from other cheaper looking, less reliable products

Our packaging features high quality paper for small and middle sized boxes and creatively designed pop-ups for large boxes (container multiple units of our product) that are suitable on store shelves. The condom pouches are made from high quality foil blister material which ensures the contents are sealed. Individual boxes are sealed in plastic to reassure consumers that all StaySafe products are safe for use.

FAQ Back to Top

How can I become a distributor at StaySafe condoms?

Unlike other major international condom manufacturers or brands, StaySafe believes in nurturing our distributors for a mutually beneficial, long term partnership during which significant market share can be achieved. We partner with small and large distributors alike.

The pre-qualification process is simple and straight forward. We can tell you in as short as 3 days if your distributorship has been accepted, after which we will work closely with you to develop your market.

Do I have to have experience importing or distributing condoms or other similar products to be a distributor of StaySafe condoms?

No, previous experience with the distribution of condoms or other related products is not a prerequisite of being a StaySafe distributor. However, previous distribution experience and/or an existing distribution will be helpful in the beginning of your distributorship.

What distribution channels are most suitable for StaySafe condoms?

While our products always end up in the hands of consumers, for whom safety is our highest priority, the way in which it gets there depends on the distribution channels established by the distributor. Our products are most commonly distributed through the following channels:

  • » Retail Stores and Other Outlets
  • » Wholesale Distribution
  • » Hospitals and Clinics
  • » Pharmacies
  • » Organizations Promoting Safe Sex
  • » Government Agencies and Organizations
  • » NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations)



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