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Studded Condoms

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Material: Latex
Thickness: Thin (0.05mm)
Normal (0.06mm)
Warming Lubricant
*All boxes are contained in a highly attractive display box
StaySafe Studded Condoms are made of high quality latex rubber and provide increased stimulation for both partners. Unlike Plain condoms which have a smooth surface, studded condoms have a dotted surface, providing increased pleasure and sensation for both users due to the specially designed shape and texture. The raised dots are positioned on the outer surface of the condom, providing increased satisfaction not only for her, but also for him. Specially designed with maximum stimulation in mind, this type of condom offers a similar but still unique sensation from its ribbed cousin. When friction is fabulous, add a twist with warming lubricant or 1 of 11 different flavors. Just hope that your partner can handle it! Our black and blue packaging symbolizes safety, calmness and confidence to attract our sexually responsible consumers.

But Why Use a Studded Condom?

Introduced relatively recently in the early 1990s, it provides a new twist on an otherwise boring contraceptive device associated with taking the pleasure out of sex. Add a wide variety of flavors, lubricants and available thicknesses... and the possibilities are endless!
StaySafe™ Studded condoms provide maximum stimulation for both partners.
The preference of a textured condom should be discussed by both partners before use. As safety is most important, one should ensure that studded condoms are well lubricated before use, as the textured surface increases friction during intercourse. However, when properly used, studded condoms are just as safe and effective as any other condom. When in search of maximum stimulation, look no further... studded condoms can bring out the Stud in every man!

Q: What is the difference between studded condoms and others?

A: Studded condoms are manufactured to have a textured surface with multiple studs/raised dots covering the exterior and interior of the condom. In general, textured condoms provide increased sensation, but the right choice is according to the preference of the users. Additional sensation can be provided by choosing warming lubricated condoms.

Q: Can studded condoms cause irritation for sensitive partners?

A: It is possible that the raised texture condoms can result in mild irritation during vaginal intercourse. However, this depends on the degree of sensitivity of both partners. At the first sign of irritation, intercourse should be stopped immediately. In such an occurrence, one or both partners should check for allergic reactions to latex or consider the use of a plain condom.

Q: What kind of increased sensation can I expect from a studded condom?

A: Of course the preferred sensation of a condom differs according to each and every user. However, many users that prefer these condoms claim that the increased friction of the multiple stud/dots on the condom exterior result in added stimulation for females while also increasing sensation for males with the dots on the condom interior.

Q: Are studded condoms affordable?

A: The good news is that condoms are among the least expensive contraceptive methods available. Furthermore, latex condoms are cheaper than non-latex ones.

Q: Are studded condoms less safe than the normal ones?

A: According to Columbia Health, textured condoms are just as effective as regular condoms for the prevention of STDs and pregnancy.


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