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Plain Condoms

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Material: Latex
Thickness: Thin (0.05mm) Normal (0.06mm)
non lubricated condomNon-lubricated
lubricated condomLubricated
warming lubricated condomWarming Lubricant
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Plain Condom Banner StaySafe Plain Condoms are made of high quality latex rubber and provide the highest level of protection. Unlike studded or ribbed which have a textured surface, plain condoms have a smooth surface. StaySafe plain condoms are known as the most effective way to prevent pregnancy and STD’s including HIV, which causes AIDS. Unlike condoms made of polyurethane, latex has elastic properties allowing for stretching of up to 800% while retaining high tensile strength. StaySafe condoms also undergo a series of laboratory tests and inspections at our manufacturing facilities to ensure quality, durability and function; our production lines are ISO, CE, and USFDA certified. Designed for a natural sensation and high degree of safety, the plain condom is the most commonly manufactured for the worldwide market.

Why Use a Plain Condom?

When choosing a condom, there are 2 important factors to consider: protection against STDs and prevention of pregnancy. But regardless of the intention for using a condom, the ability to provide absolute protection for the user is of utmost importance. Plain textured condoms are known to have a high degree of safety because the surface will have less resistance during intercourse, thereby reducing the chance of a tear or breakage in the latex.
StaySafe™ Plain textured condoms are known to have a high degree of safety.
While textured condoms are of preference for some, plain condoms are still far from the boring, bland contraceptive used just a few decades ago. Besides the texture, a wide variety of flavors, choices of lubricant, and different available thicknesses provide a wide variety of possibilities for those that prefer a smooth experience! Warming lubricant adds additional sensation for the smoothest encounter possible! But it is always best to discuss choices of lubrication with your partner. The negative consequences from improper use of condoms could be avoided if used correctly, so make sure to read more about condoms to ensure your safety.
Condom FAQ

Q: Can plain condoms reduce sensation?

A: As mostly a matter of preference, the smooth surface of a plain condom is intended for a more natural sensation. But sensation is not only about him, so be sure to discuss which condom is most suitable with your partner.

Q: Do plain condoms last longer than other textured condoms during intercourse?

A: Having a smooth surface, plain condoms can decrease friction during intercourse compared to condoms that have a textured surface. While this can reduce the likelihood of breakage, latex is a durable and strong material that is effective against breakage under normal conditions of intercourse. The use of lubricated plain condoms, or using additional water-based lubricant, can also decrease the chances of breakage.

Q: Are plain condoms safer than the other textured condoms?

A: Both textured and plain condoms are effective against preventing STDs and pregnancy. The smooth surface of a plain condom reduces friction during intercourse which could reduce the chances of tears or breakage in the latex. However, lubricated condoms and/or additional lubricant used during intercourse can further reduce friction. Please make sure to only use water-based lubricants as oil-based lubricants can break down latex materials and increase the chances of breakage.

Q: Are the lubes safe to use with condoms?

A: Yes, lubricants are safe to use together with condoms during intercourse. However, it is important that ONLY water-based lubricant is used with latex condoms as oil-based lubricant can break down the latex material.

Q: How are latex condoms tested?

A: There are different ways to test a condom including: - Condom Dimensions (measures condom width, thickness and length) - Packaging Integrity (all condoms are packaged with aluminum-foil laminate) - Leakage (free from holes) - Tensile Strength Properties (the force it takes to break the ring of latex, the maximum amount of extension before breaking, and the tensile breaking strength) - Air Burst Properties (inflates the entire condom like a balloon, stretching all of the latex until it bursts)

Q: What is the alternative for people with allergies to latex?

A: Some people can have an allergic reaction to the substances in natural latex. People with a latex allergy experience symptoms including a burning sensation, rash, itching, and irritation. Consult a doctor as soon as the symptoms are apparent to ensure your safety. If you have an allergic reaction to latex or experience any irritation, consider the use of non-latex condoms such as polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms.


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