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Ribbed Condoms

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Material: Latex
Thickness: Thin (0.05mm)
Normal (0.06mm)
Non-Lubricated Ribbed CondomNon-lubricated
Lubricated Ribbed CondomLubricated
Warming Lubricated Ribbed CondomWarming Lubricant
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StaySafe ribbed condoms are high quality latex rubber textured condoms with ribs that provide stimulation for females that claim its loss with the use of a condom. The loss of sensation with the use of a condom has brought about a clever way of increasing the intimate experience while still remaining protected... in the way of ribbed condoms. Unlike studded condoms, which provide varying degrees of pleasure for both partners, ribbed condoms are mainly designed to increase the stimulation experienced by the female partner. Achieving a specific sensation depends on the preference of both partners, so it is important to consider the desired experience of both him and her when deciding if ribbed condoms are suitable. The black and red packaging of our ribbed condoms denotes passion, action and sexuality that appeals to our sexually active consumers. With StaySafe, our consumers are offered the highest level of protection, safety and reliability.

So Why Choose StaySafe Ribbed Condoms?

The ribbed texture, running around the exterior circumstance of the condom, increases stimulation in just the right way. But this doesn't mean that her pleasure comes at his cost... studies show that ribbed condoms make for a more mutually climatic moment when she is most aroused!
StaySafe™ Ribbed condoms increase stimulation for the female partner.
The additional stimulation the female partner experiences from the use of ribbed condoms could heighten the level of excitement and thrill, resulting in a mutually unforgettable experience. To make your most climatic moments truly monumental, consider further increasing her sensation with warming lubricant. When her pleasure is primary, ribbed is his best friend! A true gentleman considers not just her experience, but also her safety... be sure that possible irritation is avoided by using sufficient lubricant. For serious sensation, give her a ribbed experience. Condoms, when used properly and consistently during any sexual activity, are the most sure method of not just keeping your libido safe, but your overall health as well.

Q: What is the difference between ribbed condoms and others?

A: Ribbed condoms are manufactured to have a textured surface with raised ribs running around the exterior circumference of the condom. In general, textured condoms provide increased sensation, but ribbed is made especially for the pleasure of the female as the texture is on the exterior part. Additional sensation can be provided by choosing warming lubricated ribbed condoms.

Q: Can ribbed condoms cause irritation for sensitive partners?

A: Any increased friction during intercourse can cause varying degrees of vaginal irritation depending on the sensitivity of the female. When such irritation becomes uncomfortable for either partner, especially the female, intercourse should be stopped. Increased lubrication, the alternative use of a plain surfaced condom, or possible allergic reactions to latex should be considered.

Q: What kind of increased sensation can she expect from a ribbed condom?

A: In contrast to a studded textured condom, the ribs of a ribbed condom are on the exterior surface thereby providing enhanced sensation for the female. The ribs running around the circumference of the exterior also increase friction during intercourse which can add stimulation.

Q: Does using a ribbed condom mean that only she gets increased stimulation?

A: As the texture of a ribbed condom is on the exterior surface, the woman usually has a greater increase of sensation compared to the man. However, the female's more climatic moments can also increase the excitement and experience for him as well. The best way to find out is to compare different textures of condoms to decide which is most suitable.

Q: Are there any possible side effects of using ribbed condoms?

A: The misconception about the use of condoms not preventing dangerous illness, such as cancer and diseases, is false. According to credible sources, including the International Planned Parenthood Federation, there are no known serious short or long term side effects associated with the use of condoms. There is no evidence that condoms cause cancer, either in men or women. In fact, the use of condoms may help protect against conditions caused by STDs including recurring pelvic inflammatory disease.

Q: What is the alternative for people with allergies to latex?

A: Some people can have an allergic reaction to the substances in natural latex. People with a latex allergy experience symptoms including a burning sensation, rash, itching, and irritation. Consult a doctor as soon as the symptoms are apparent to ensure your safety. If you have an allergic reaction to latex or experience any irritation, consider the use of non-latex condoms such as polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms.The only negative side effects can include: - Allergic reaction to latex rubber - Irritation of the private area from spermicides and lubricants Both of the above side effects are usually minor and can be treated by simply using a non-latex condom or using an alternative lubricant during sexual intercourse. However, a medical professional should always be contacted in the case of any side effects.


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