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Female Condoms

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Material: Latex Polyurethane
Length: 160mm-190mm
Width: 50mm-70mm
*All boxes are contained in a highly attractive display box.
A female condom is worn by a woman, opposed to the more common male condom, during sexual intercourse. This type of condom, specially designed to provide various advantages for the female partner and an alternative to male condoms, most importantly allows the female to be in control of the sexual experience. Application being possible up to 8 hours before intercourse, female condoms still provide effective protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancy. The WHO,offers compelling proof for the proliferation of female condoms as being the most effective form of contraception for female use. Available as both high quality latex and polyurethane, StaySafe female condoms provide a sensual solution for every preference. But safety and versatility are not the only reasons for a significant increase in the popularity and widespread use of female condoms... intercourse must be intimate and pleasurable. Experience for yourself the many advantages of StaySafe female condoms!

What are the advantages of female condoms compared to male condoms?

While use of female condoms is not for everyone, there are numerous advantages for both partners. The outer ring of the female condom provides more coverage of the female's vulva which extends the barrier protecting against skin-to-skin STDs such as herpes, HPV warts, etc. Women can also insert up to 8 hours prior to intercourse so that sexual activity does not have to be interrupted... allowing partners the freedom to also switch between sex and foreplay. Polyurethane condoms even have natural warming properties which can heighten the sensual experience.
StaySafe™ Female condoms put her in control of the sexual encounter.
The female is not the only winner during intercourse... male partners also claim to experience a freer orgasmic experience. Available in different materials, flavors, and lubrication preferences, female condoms can make for the grandest of finales!

Note: Polyurethane is an excellent alternative for those allergic to latex and can even present additional sensation due to the naturally warming properties of polyurethane.

Q: Why to choose a female condom ?

A: According to experts, if your partner won't wear a condom, but you still want protection against STDs, the female condom is the way to go. However, it is important that the female inserts correctly to retain a high degree of effectiveness and protection.

Q: How effective are female condoms?

A: Although no condom is ever 100% effective, high-quality female condoms provide a very effective means of birth control. When used correctly, female condoms offer up to 95-97% success rate in preventing pregnancy, which is on par with the success rate of most male condoms. It is extremely important that the female condom is used correctly. Because of its unfamiliarity, many use female condoms incorrectly, lessening their effectiveness. For a higher rate of effectiveness, combine use of the female condom with an auxiliary form of birth control such as orally administered contraceptives.

Q: Are female condoms more affordable than male condoms?

A: The cost of female condoms is higher than male condoms and both types are only for single use. The MSRP (Manufacturer Suggest Retail Price) of female condoms range is generally 20-40% more expensive than male condoms.

Q: Why should I prefer a female condom?

A: Female condoms do not reduce a male partner’s stimulation. Furthermore female condoms can be used by people who are known to be sensitive to latex because, while most male condoms are made of latex, female condoms are also available in polyurethane (plastic) material which does not cause an allergic reaction.

Q: Do female condoms reduce sexual stimulation or the sexual experience?

A: Much skepticism still surrounds the currently underused female condom. The fact is, most users report a significantly more satisfying sexual experience when using a female condom than when using a male condom. For males, the female condom does not reduce blood flow to the penis, nor does it reduce sexual feeling -- leading to more enduring results in the bedroom. Although sex is audibly different with a female condom, these lack the unpleasant odors associated with spermicidal fluid of male condoms. Female condoms provide a dental dam for oral-vaginal sex, enhancing capability for some. Female condoms can also remain in place after use for a short period of time, unlike male condoms which must be removed immediately unless messy cleanup is desired. If anything, female condoms add to a sexual experience rather than detract from it.


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