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Feeling Adventurous?

Spice up your sex life by adding extra texture to your condoms. One condom does not suit all; everyone has different preferences and it takes a little experimenting to find the best condom suited for you and your partner. We all want the best sex and choosing the right kind of condom is crucial to having pleasurable and safe sex.
Most people generally think that condoms are just protection devices to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies, but textured condoms are so much more than that. Unlike plain condoms, textured condoms have added textures to enhance sexual pleasure, stimulation, and sensation. Most importantly, textured condoms are just as effective as plain condoms in preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and pregnancy.

Using Textured Condoms

Textured condoms were introduced in the 1973 as a way to recover the lost sensation from using a condom. Textured condoms, which include studded and ribbed condoms, are both designed with additional textures on the surface of the condom to provide extra sensations. They are specially designed to provide direct stimulation to the g-spot or frenulum. Some are also bulb-shaped to provide additional arousal to the penis. Textured condoms are recommended for those wanting the ultimate sensation with condoms to be enjoyable and pleasurable for both partners. Therefore, communication is vital between both partners to choose which condom texture feels great for both sides. It is also recommended to use additional lubricant to ease the additional friction that textured condoms provide.

What are Studded Condoms?

Studded condoms, also known as dotted condoms, have raised dots on the outer surface on the condom to increase sensation and pleasure. The added friction and increased stimulation provide a sensual, exciting experience for both partners. Though, studded condoms should be avoided if you have broken or sensitive skin because it can lead to a rash.

What are Ribbed Condoms?

Similar to studded condoms, ribbed condoms have raised ridges around the condom that are designed for maximum excitement and stimulation. They are strategically placed to provide the most optimal pleasure and sensation. With greater friction, these ridges add additional pleasure to both the vagina and penis. The ridges especially at the end of the condom are optimally designed to stimulate the clitoris. Unlike the studded condoms, ribbed condoms are great for satisfying the receiving partner.

For Her Pleasure…

Studies show that only a third of women experience orgasm regularly during sexual intercourse. The strategically placed ridges and bumps on the textured condoms enhance friction that the woman can actually feel inside her vagina. Women definitely want to feel their partners inside them, and textured condoms give that feeling of fullness. In the end, finding the right condom is a choice left between you and your partner and it might take steamy trial and error under the sheets. Be open and be excited to try new things!

About Us

StaySafe Condoms has got you covered with the best condoms for your most intimate encounters. Our latex condoms are effective at reducing transmission of STDs.
We offer various flavors, thicknesses, lubricants, and types that will be perfect for those moments under the sheets. Just remember this simple phrase: “No glove, no love!” and always StaySafe!
Our textured condoms have been perfectly engineered to directly stimulate the g-spot and frenulum. They are also available in 2 textures (ribbed and studded), 2 thicknesses, 2 lubricant types, and 11 flavors.

Looking for a textured condom manufacturer? Inquire with us today to become an official StaySafe Condoms distributor.

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